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lipstick Reading "language of the Lips" with Linda

 A kiss for Luck,The kiss of success.Read my lips. Any way you look at it lips have a lot to say about your personality and your Past , Present and future. What’s does your kiss say about you?

Just like Palmistry and Soulistry ( foot reading ) … our lips hold secrets. Every print is signature  to you  like finger prints. Only lip prints can change  just like foot prints change with our emotions, age, and experiences 

Are you ready to kiss and tell? Readings take into consideration your choice of lip color, energy lines, Lip lines, shape, size, other unique factors along with the Readers intuitive abilities. 

NOW AVAILABLE: Virtual – Semi private and Virtual – private parties for readings! Once you have sent your prints to Linda, she will map and mark your KISSES then Send you back a copy so you can follow along when you receive your reading by phone or Facetime

NEW! Tasseography
Tasseography or Tasseomancy is the ancient art of reading Tea Leaves, as in Tea Cup Reading. It has been around since the 1800’s and has become even more popular today, as a form of engaging, fun, interactive and intimate entertainment. The tea leaves are a Divination tool to explore the past, present and future. Shape, color, density and placement all play a part interpreting the mystic messages. Readings are built around the Querent's intention and question while he or she drinks the loose tea. There are well over 150 different classic symbols the skilled reader takes into consideration along with Where the tea leaves land as in, the rim, sides, bottom, and saucer of the tea cup.Needless to say, this is so much FUN !
Extraordinary Tarrot Card Readers!
Providing unique, interactive and fun entertainment for small parties (bridal showers, birthdays, holidays) as well as large-scale corporate and fundraising events! A great fit with client/donor recognition and staff appreciation days.At larger events, we keeps readings short and sweet, about 10 minutes per person, so that everyone has a chance to give it try. The atmosphere is one of magic, possibility, and fun.
Handwriting Analysis
You’re handwriting is much more than those marks you make on paper! You will uncover ‘secrets’ contained within your own handwriting that may well surprise you! You will never look at a note from a job candidate, a family member or a colleague in the same way. ‘Reading between the lines’ when you receive that written fax, letter or note will give you valuable insights to enhance your understanding and communication with friends and business associates. You’ll also be able to easily identify leadership strengths and other personality strengths in your own writing.
Cartomancy with Veronique
Cartomancy is the art of divination through playing cards. Playing cards were originally invented for divination purposes by the Tang Dynasty in Imperial China in the early 600’s AD. There are 13 cards in each of the 4 suites which correspond to the 13 lunar months in the year. The 52 cards correspond to the 52 weeks of the yearVeronique learned to read cards as a child from her Mother, who came from a long line of card readers. She grew up in a household that embraced psychic phenomenon. Weekly card readings, teacup readings, and séances were the norm. She is an entertaining & gifted reader.
Horoscope night with Ed Fernandez
Fernandez delivers with humor, interaction, tons of surprises, and the big WOW!They will walk away delighted, and of course as most audiences shaking their heads“How did he do that?"
Psychic Mediums
Our Mediums are available for Events and Private Parlor Shows. Similar to the Long Island Medium Readings can be done in groups as well as privately.A Fan favourite; Helen became a Certified Spiritual Advisor under LWISSD with Lisa Williams. She then travelled to Denver, CO to study with world renowned Tony Stockwell (from the UK) . His teachings has brought her mediumship to a whole other level !

Starry nights!

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Covid Updates

All readings now available through a safe plexiglass mirroring. Usage of UVC wand, and change of cards for safety
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