Virtual Events

At the beginning of the workshop, attendees will learn basic anatomy, key reflex points, and simple finger and thumb techniques used to promote self-healing. You will also be shown how to reflex your own hands, face and ears when your feet are not available.

Every experience combines Linda’s live-hosted presentation as well as some pre-recorded ‘follow along’ videos. Each video is broken down step-by-step!

Book Linda for either a 30, 60, or 90 minute session today.

-No need to take notes- 

GoLocal Virtual Events has you covered! Clients will have the opportunity to log into  Linda’s Digital Audio Visual Book ‘Reflexology2Go “ with a special link and password from the Go Local website. There they can access articles, notes,  training video’s , and visual study guides

30, 60, Or 90 Minute Sessions Available!

Sole Connection

Exploring the Art of Reflexology

30 mins

Healing Steps

A Journey into Reflexology and Holistic Wellness 

60 mins

Balance Within

The Power of Reflexology for Mind, Body, and Spirit  

90 mins

Immersive Event Spaces!

No Zoom or Teams! All virtual events are hosted by GoLocal Virtual Events, and powered by a software called Kumospace.

Upon clicking on the join link in your calendar, you’ll pupulate at the entrance of the space.

Your video feed acts as your avatar, and you’ll move around using a mouse or keyboard (↑ ↓ → ←).

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